Our Eliquids & Ecigs

At Easy Vape we have a huge selection of eliquids to choose from to make your vaping experience as delicious and satisfying as possible. To give you the best quality eliquid our products come from some of the world’s most popular eliquid makers and manufacturers, so you can be sure you are buying quality branded products at great prices! Our selection of eliquid flavours allows you to cater your vaping experience to your taste. If you have a sweet tooth then we have a selection of dessert and treat flavours; or if you prefer something a little more fruity then our selection of fruit eliquid flavours gives you more choice than a supermarket fruit aisle. If you don’t want any of these fancy flavours then don’t despair as we also have a range of subtle flavours such as vanilla or menthol to choose from, or if you don’t want any flavour at all then we also have plain old tobacco flavour eliquid. As well as a variety of flavours to choose from, we also have a range of eliquid strengths to make sure that you’re getting what you need. Our eliquid strengths cover all ranges from 0.3% for light or casual smokers to eliquids with 3.6% nicotine for heavy smokers. We also cater to non-smokers who want to vape because they love the flavour with our range of zero nicotine flavour eliquids. Easy Vape also offer a selection of electronic cigarettes. Often referred to as ‘cigalikes’, ecigarettes are designed to imitate a traditional cigarette and use disposable eliquid cartridges and a disposable or rechargeable battery. We have a selection of vaporisors to choose from including basic low wattage styles for new vapers or for those who won’t be heavy users, to high-wattage vapes with adjustable settings and battery options for those who intend to vape regularly. As well as a range of wattage and battery options for these vapes, we offer the products in a wide range of colours and styles to suit you - we are sure you will find your perfect vape at Easy Vape!


Ecigarettes are designed to mimic a real life cigarette in their appearance, often being a similar size and often the same colours as real cigarettes to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to electronic cigarettes easier. That doesn’t mean they’re limited though, they are often fitted with rechargeable batteries or batteries that are easily replaceable so you can reuse them again and again, in the same way you can with a vape. The main difference between ecigarettes and vaporisors is that ecigs use eliquid cartridges which are disposable and cannot be refilled. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the flavours available to you however as most brands carry eliquid cartridges along with eliquids themselves. Easy Vape offer a choice of ecigarettes from top global brands to give you as many options as possible when choosing your ecigarettes. We also carry a spare parts and accessories for them to make us the one-stop-shop for all your ecigarette needs.

Buying Eliquid

Buying eliquid from Easy Vape is easy and simple. You can order online or speak to one of our advisors on the phone - we are all eliquid experts and will be able to give you help and advice on flavours, vapes and equipment to help you get the most from your vaping experience. Our simple to use store allows you to buy any quantity of eliquid - whether you’re stocking up on a variety of flavours and want to buy large quantities, or if you just want to try a small sample of something new. We stock eliquid from top brands from around the world so the sizes and quantities available may differ depending on which brand you are buying, but we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of eliquid flavours, strengths and sizes to choose from. We offer 1st class delivery as standard with almost all of our packages getting to their destination the next working day so you won’t be waiting by the door for days on end for your new eliquid to arrive


Vapes, or vaporisors to give them their full name, come in a much wider range or styles and designs than ecigarettes do and they work slightly differently. The battery module - whatever power you choose in your vape - heats a small coil element that vaporises the liquid in the tank, turning it into inhalable vape for your pleasure. This process is the same in all ecigarettes and vaporisors, except vapes are much more versatile when it comes to how the eliquid is heated and stored. Most vapes use a tank to store their eliquid, which can be topped up with your chosen eliquid flavour or even combinations or flavours to create new taste experiences. Some vapes use pre-filled capsules instead of a tank that work in a similar way to ecigarette cartridges, but can be interchanged frequently without having to use them all at once. At Easy Vape we have a wide range of vapes from leading vape brands to choose from, whether you are looking for an entry level vape to get started or if you are looking to upgrade to something more powerful.


Eliquid refers to the actual nicotine-containing fluid that you put into your vape, which is then vaporised for inhalation which gives you the nicotine hit that you crave. Along with flavour, strength is the main factor that needs to be considered when choosing your eliquid. The strength of your eliquid is usually relatable to the number of cigarettes you smoke and how frequently you smoked them. For example, the highest strength eliquid contains 3.6% nicotine and is recommended for smokers who used to get through 1-2 packs per day. The strength range starts at zero, for those who just want the flavour without nicotine, which means there is an eliquid strength for any smoker or non smoker. The branded eliquid that we carry at Easy Vape has most flavours in most strengths to give you maximum choice when choosing your eliquid.


Eliquids are available in hundreds, if not thousands, of flavours from brands all across the globe. They range from the weird to the wonderful and are a testament to the commitment of the top brands in providing such a wide selection. Whatever your taste preferences, there is almost certainly an eliquid available on the market for you to add to your vape. If you like beer, there’s an eliquid flavour for beer. If you like spicy food, there’s a chili flavour eliquid for that, too. There’s even a black pepper flavour for those who like to go through life well seasoned. The most popular flavours though are classic ones. Fruity flavours like raspberry, apple and strawberry along with like chocolate fudge cake and creme brulee; even ice cream flavours are common with blueberry and banoffee eliquids enjoying popularity. If you don’t want to go down the weird and wonderful route then we also have standard flavours that will suit those who just want to vape, without the funky flavours. We have tobacco eliquid if you want to get that genuine cigarette taste, or if you want something a little different but not too outrageous then try our vanilla, menthol or cinnamon eliquids.

Is Eliquid Safe?

Eliquid and vaping in relation to smoking combustible cigarettes is significantly safer as it does not involve tobacco or combustion, removing some of the harmful toxins and side effects associated with these two things. In fact, in relation to smoking, eliquids and ecigarettes are much closer to nicotine replacements - such as gum and nicotine patches - in terms of safety than they are to cigarettes; however there is a common misconception that vaping and vaping eliquid is just as harmful as cigarettes. Flavoured eliquids have been tested extensively for toxicity and found to be relatively safe when compared to smoking; although as there is such a wide range of eliquid flavours available user discretion should be used. At Easy Vape we only stock eliquids from top brands which adhere to their own safety standards and legislation, so you can buy from us with peace of mind that you are getting high quality products.

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