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Will the Tobacco Industry Survive?

There is no doubt that vaping continues to gain in popularity and is certainly proving popular among the younger generation. This has taken something of a toll on the tobacco industry, but despite various knocks over the years the industry seems to be going from strength to strength. It this a public front or are we missing something?

A Habit That Kills

It has always seemed strange that so many people would want to take part in a habit known to be so damaging to health. Nicotine is a drug, so it has an addictive nature meaning that once people start smoking, they find it hard to stop. However, will there come the point where the younger generation turn their back on the habit completely?

Glamourised by Celebrities

When smoking first became popular, actors were paid a lot of money to become the public faces of various tobacco makers. Initially, it was seen as a really glamorous habit, and by ensuring that celebs were seen to be smoking, companies could ensure that Joe Public wanted in. Over the years the devastating effects of smoking became evident and scrolling forwards to the present time we see gruesome pictures on cigarette boxes, printed warnings and shops forced to keep the tobacco products behind closed doors, surely this must have an impact.

Vaping Becomes a Viable Alternative

It is going to be interesting to see how the tobacco industry stands up to the threat from vaping. Initially, this was also viewed with suspicion by a lot of people, and for many years the debate raged on about how safe vaping was for the health. However, now Public Health England and the NHS have teamed up to support vaping as a much less dangerous alternative it is looking rocky for the tobacco industry. Over the years they have been known for some underhanded methods of dealing with the competition, but it does seem that the tide has turned and more people are now aware of the dangers and not sold on the propaganda they supply. As the older generation leaves this world, it will be interesting to see how the playing field changes even more. Vaping is seen as a popular social activity by older teens, and there have been cases of younger teens vaping when they shouldn’t. If these numbers continue to grow it would seem difficult for the tobacco industry to thrive.


It is hard to predict the future events, but it seems likely that the tobacco industry has a fight on its hands to stay afloat. Perhaps they will be able to come up with some diversifications that will give them some longevity or perhaps they will make a move into the vaping industry themselves. It certainly seems that the younger generation is less interested in smoking cigarettes and will be choosing vaping as a healthier alternative. So perhaps the best advice for the smoking industry is just that if you can’t bet them, join them!


Why Do Vape’s Explode

It is a well-known fact that newspapers love to sensationalise a story, so why you see reports of vape pens and e-cigs exploding, you should dig a little deeper to see what is going on. If you have suffered from a vape pen that caught fire or exploded then you will be looking for answers, and of course, this is not a good thing to happen, but we are going to look a little closer for you.

Cheap Might Mean Cheerful

With not much substance behind it, which can lead to problems. Money is always a driving factor when making purchasing decisions, so we understand that when people see a cheap bargain vape, they might seriously consider buying it, or indeed go through with the transaction. The problem with this is that you are likely getting something that is lower in quality and therefore more prone to problems. Alarm bells should start ringing if you see a vape pen for sale in a pound shop for example. These are likely to be poorly made imported gimmicks that are not worth a thing, and more concerning they could actually be very dangerous. Saving money here could be a false economy and risking your own health as some of the reports of exploding e-cigarettes have resulted in some very nasty burns. That is why everything we stock meets all the safety standards and legislation required so you can stay safe.

Improper Care

People tend to focus on vape pens because they are already a contentious issue; however, they are just the same as all things. You may have seen reports of beds catching fire when (predominately) teenagers have left their mobile on the bed plugged into the mains charger. Unfortunately when charging these things can get hot, and a soft bed offers nothing in the way of airflow around the device to keep it cool and becomes a fire hazard. Vape pens are the same; manufacturers give guidance on how to look after the equipment, how to charge the device and generally how to make sure you stay safe for a reason. You should ensure that you read the literature that comes with your e-cig and find out how to charge it safely. If no instructions are included, remember that you need to respect any electronic device when it is charging and not leave it on a potentially flammable surface.


Accidents can happen, and even with the best-made items, things can go wrong. However, if you have bought a high-quality vape pen and followed all the instructions that are included you are less likely to experience problems. Genuine manufacturers are going to great lengths to make sure that the goods they supply are of the highest possible quality. Since the laws changed on vapes last year, there has been a significant drop in recorded incidents of exploding gear. If you have any concerns about your e-cigarette stop using it and seek professional advice.


Vapes on a Plane

If you vape, you are probably planning on taking your vape away with you when you go on holiday or travel for business. Now, this is fine in principle, but if you want to avoid some pretty hefty fines, some travel chaos and in some countries jail, then you really do need to be aware of the rules on travelling with your vape, and what happens when you fly.

How to Take Your Vape

If you are going to take your vape pen or e-cig on holiday, then you need to pack it in your hand luggage. Do not be tempted to put it in your main luggage as vaping devices cannot go in the hold and unless you fancy an international scandal something not worth doing. Secondly be careful with your vape liquids. These cannot go in your luggage either and must be carried in clear bags as hand luggage in no more than 100ml. Keep all your vaping stuff together in one location in your carry on. It is possibly easier to plan to buy vape liquid at your destination, provided you are going to a country that sells it and where it is legal.

Beware of your Destination

Speaking of destinations, you cannot take your vape to Qatar, they have outlawed the import of devices, and flight attendants have been in serious trouble for bringing theirs into the country. It doesn’t matter that it is yours and you were not planning to sell it. Singapore has banned vaping, so while you can take it through on a layover, you cannot use it while you are in the country. Thailand has outlawed everything to do with vaping so frankly don’t even bother. Jail is a very real possibility and not knowing the rules is not considered a suitable defence.

Vaping in the Airport

Also not allowed. All UK airports have banned vaping unless you go to the designated smoking areas along with the smokers. It doesn’t matter if you think that vape clouds are harmless the only place you will be going if you vape in an airport is home. This tends to be the same all across the world so it is better to just not vape until you can be sure you are in a safe zone. Might sound a little harsh but some countries are dead set on no vaping and you do not want that kind of trouble.

Vaping on the Plane

It doesn’t matter how much you want to vape on the plane; you cannot. Do not try and sneak off to the bathroom as you really could get the whole flight turned around and grounded. It stands to reason that all passengers vaping in a pressured cabin might well get a bit much, so it is illegal. You also cannot charge your vape while you are on the plane and again flaunting the rules could well get you thrown off or banned from flying. Stick to the rules and enjoy your travel.


Is it Safe to Vape When Pregnant?

This is a very common question that we get asked a lot, and the simple answer is the jury is out on that one. While we know that vaping is considerably safer than smoking, growing a whole new human being is a bit of a different ball game.

Conflicting Reports

If you look for a professional opinion on vaping when pregnant, you will discover that there is a lot of conflicting advice. We know that smoking cigarette can lead to development issues in the womb but when it comes to vaping the issues are a little less clear. There have been various studies conducted around this issue, and no one seems 100% sure on what the facts are. One study claims that while the foetus is unaffected in terms of their general health, the sperm count and development of sperm in baby boys is negatively affected which would, of course, have an impact when the child becomes an adult.

Play it Safe

The best advice could well be to play it safe while carrying a child. Generally, pregnant women tend to try and be healthier in order to help the foetus develop; this means they often go for a healthier diet, eat more fruit and vegetables and are encourage to avoid things like alcohol and coffee. Medical opinion also suggests that raw meat, some fish, soft cheeses and other foods are best left untouched for nine months, so it possibly makes sense to leave vaping during this time. It is a short period, and it won’t be long before you can get back to vaping.

Don’t Panic

If you have been vaping because you were not aware that you were pregnant, then it still stands to reason that there is no cause for panic. We know that the long term health effects of vaping are significantly lower than those attributed to smoking cigarettes and of course you will hear stories of parents who did smoking throughout the pregnancy and the healthy children then produced. It just seems that the most sensible approach to growing a new life is to pull back on any activity that might potentially have any effect on the child. Accidentally vaping is certainly not the end of the world so don’t be overly concerned just stop for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Vape Clouds

We have always advocated that vape clouds aren’t for everyone, so once your baby has arrived going back to vaping is fine but consider ensuring these new and delicate lungs are not subjected to clouds as it could irritate the airways in such a young child. Most parents do tend to vape in a different room to their children, and with environmental factors already surrounding children like pollution from cars etc. it makes sense to keep the home environment as free from potential irritants as possible. It also goes without saying that e-liquid should be kept up high away from children as drinking such products can be extremely dangerous to adults and children.


High Success Rate for Smokers Who Use Vaping to Quit

Recently there has been a lot of clamours after the NHS publicly backed vaping as a means of quitting smoking. This comes on the back of years of debate over which was healthier and whether vaping had its own major health concerns. Using their own research and, we assuming taking into consideration the research by other groups, the NHS has concluded that vaping is the safer alternative, which we have discussing in some of our other blogs. To support this further evidence is now emerging that suggests smokers who use vaping as a way to quit have a higher success rate of never picking up a cigarette again as opposed to those who use other methods. So just why is this?

A Habit is Hard to Break

The habit of smoking tends to cause addiction on two levels, firstly the nicotine is an addictive substance making it hard for people to quit, but secondly, it becomes a habit of the hands. What do you do when you are relaxing with friends, you have a smoke. It is possible that vaping has such a high win rate because it still fulfils that need to have something to do with your hands. Vaping is a similar action of inhaling and exhaling as well as having to hold something, and this is considered to be one of the reasons it works so well. If you have been a social smoker then vaping will undoubtedly seem like a similar alternative.

Nicotine Replacement

When you compare vaping to some of the other methods on offer you can also see why it would be more likely to succeed. It is a fact that nicotine is a highly addictive drug and going cold turkey rarely works. In the past, the NHS has promoted nicotine replacement patches and chewing gum. Both these products are designed to satisfy cravings which in turn reduce the instances of reaching for a cigarette. With nicotine available in e-liquids you can essentially have the same effect and maintain the ‘habit’ making the transition a little easier. Nicotine-based eliquids come in varying strengths meaning that you can keep reducing the amount you are taking in as you start to recover from the addiction. But more than that, e-liquids also come in a range of other flavours that have no nicotine in, and these are another reason why people like vaping, as they are genuinely pleasant to vape. It could also be that these sweeter flavours make smokers realise how disgusting the cigarettes taste in the first place.

Because vaping is a proactive way to quit smoking it gives smokers the chance to take charge and feel like they are leading the quitting process. Whatever the reasons behind the success rate it certainly seems to work, so if you have been trying to give up smoking and are looking for a new way to break the habit you might want to consider vaping as an alternative.


Vaping Responsible for Cigarette Rate Fall?

Over the last few decades, we have been made increasingly aware of the dangers of smoking. So much so, that you might be surprised that people do still smoke. The facts are undeniable; cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemical and other nasties that cause some pretty grim health problems and can be life ended. As the years passed, legislation meant that cigarette packets now have to contain health warnings and even graphic images of the damage done by this habit, and yet people do still smoke.

Vaping Comes to Town

About a decade ago the game changed forever when vaping was born. This habit, which is considered similar to smoking, using a water vapour base and does not have the same nasty chemicals that are using in smokes. When it was first new, there was a definite split on whether it was healthier or just as dangerous in a different way. Articles flew like missiles from both sides of the fence, half professing that it was safe the rest proclaiming vaping was a killer. Anyone considering using vaping as a means to stop smoking would have been forgiven for feeling somewhat confused. Thankfully a more concerted effort was made to approach this from a scientific evidence-based standpoint and over the last year the NHS, and other health organisations across the world have concluded and more importantly proved that vaping is a lot safer for health than vaping.

NHS Quitting Schemes

The NHS has offered support to those looking to quit for many years now, and until recently this used to come in the form of things like nicotine replacement patches and chewing gum. Now, the NHS has stood publicly to say that vaping is the best way for people to stop smoking. When you vape, you get the same ‘habit with the hands’ effect and are still drawing into the lungs and breathing out. More importantly for those addicted to nicotine you can get eliquid with nicotine in so that you are still getting that hit. The strength can be reduced until you are no longer needing this product and can then switch to other flavours.

Cigarette Sales Fall

So, the cigarette industry seems to be failing. This is a combination of factors, and of course the above has played a huge part, as has the spiralling cost of a packet of cigarettes. The prices are likely to keep rising as fewer people want to purchase them and cigarette companies start to feel the pinch. However from a health point of view, this can only be a good thing, and if less people smoke there will be less smoking-related diseases for the NHS to have to treat. Vaping has been proven to be safe and not to cause long term health conditions so for people addicted to smoking desperate to quit; this is the perfect alternative. With shops forced to shut cigarettes behind locked doors and vaping shops on the increases, it is easy to see the death of cigarettes arriving in the next few years.


Vaping Flavours

You are probably aware that e-liquids come in all kinds of flavours, some with nicotine content, some without. Experimenting with flavours can be fun as you get to see what you like and what you don’t like. So here are some of our favourites and when we tend to use them in our busy day.

Wake-up Call

First thing in the morning, it can be tricky to get going. You have just woken up, and the thought of getting ready for work does not seem to inspire you. Once you have headed to the kitchen for that all important first drink, you will probably pick up your vape. At this time of the morning we find those still quitting smoking will reach for a nicotine-based vape if you don’t need that hit then what about a cheeky coffee e-liquid to get you motivated for the day ahead.

Morning Break

By now you are probably feeling a little less like a zombie and more like a human being. However, you may have arrived at your desk and seen your in-tray. Popping outside for a vape break to compose yourself, why not try a menthol-based vape to kick your brain into gear and leave you feeling more awake. Bring on the determination and back to your desk you head.


Well done, you have survived the morning! Kudos and happy lunchtime, at this point you will probably want to grab your lunch first, whether you have bought something healthy from home or are popping out to grab a sandwich. Once you have eaten what about something fruity for dessert? There is an excellent range of fruity vapes to choose from, some really zesty flavours to those that are slightly more mellow. Whatever you want this could be a great way to avoid that sticky bun and help the diet stay on track.

Afternoon Break

Are you really flagging? We have all been there, the 3 pm slump when all you want to do is go home, and the hands of the clock seem to be at an all time slow. This could be the perfect opportunity for a chocolate break to lift the spirits and make the heart sing once more. You only have a few hours to go; you can do this!

Back Home

Before dinner, while you are cooking or perhaps as you slump with a cuppa for half an hour before the dinner chaos ensues. At this point those doing awesomely at quitting smoking might want to grab a nicotine hit once more to tide them over, otherwise how about the smooth hit of vanilla to keep you going and not spoil your appetite?

Evening Chill

Finally, the night is yours, all jobs cleared, kids in bed, tele remote in hand. This is the perfect time for your favourite flavour whatever that might be. Some people love the CBD hit to help with relaxation before bed, others like a spice blend to kick back and chill with. With so many flavours on offer, you will never be short of choice.


Vaping Etiquette

So, over the last few months, we have been hearing that the NHS and Public Health England are endorsing vaping over smoking. Vaping has been proven to be healthier and safer for your body, which is great news in our book as we love vaping. However, this had lead to some questions on vaping in public and the etiquette and consideration to other people. So, how should this be handled and what are the rules?

Vaping Generally

While it is fair to say that the clouds produced by vape pens are safer for people than smoking it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to inhale your vape cloud. While this might be irritating, remember that for some people this could be a case of their own health as certain lung conditions can be exacerbated by any form of irritant and the might be genuinely offended if you billow your clouds in their direction. As with cigarette smoking, there is no law on vaping in open spaces. You are welcome to walk through town with your vape or sit on a bench in the park, but you should still be mindful of your fellow lifeforms.

Vaping in the House

Again, as with smoking, this one is up to you. Personally, we feel that it is nicer for other family members and pets to sit in a room that is not filling with vapour but, in your own home, the choice is yours. We still would consider keeping away from very young children as you could cause an irritant to little lungs.

Vaping in the Car

So, vaping in a car is perfectly legal, but doing anything that takes your attention away from the road when you are the driver is considered dangerous driving and can land you with a hefty £2500 fine. This applies to mobile phones, eating, drinking (NOT alcohol for very obvious reasons as that is illegal), and many other activities that mean the road is not getting your full attention. Basically, it is up to you, but if you get pulled over, you won’t have a leg to stand on so think twice.

Vaping at Work

Most workplaces have adopted a similar policy towards vaping as they have to smoking. With all employees entitled to fair treatment usually vaping in the office or workspace is not allowed, but an area may well be set aside. Because the health risks are less many employers have made this an inside room, so no worries about cold and wet vaping breaks, but legally they can do whatever they feel best. If they ban vaping on the premises that is their right and you cannot challenge that, so if you have a boss that lets you take vape breaks or even vape at your desk, you are probably very fortunate.

Overall vaping should be something you do with consideration for those around you, if you are unsure about vaping where you are, ask someone in the know, or just hang on until you are out!


The Benefits of Vaping Not Smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break; no one is disputing that as there is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the fact that the Nicotine is addictive, so quitting can be tough. However, if you are a smoker, you will also be very aware of the dangers to your health and possibly feeling a bit trapped. Thankfully switching to vaping can help as you can get e-liquids that have a nicotine content, in varying strengths and wean yourself down and off. Vaping is also a healthier a habit so let’s take a look.

Healthier Lungs

While the debate over the health of vaping v smoking has raged on for some time now, it seems to be that scientific data has finally been released that confirms you are better off vaping. Public Health England turned one of the experiments they developed into a video so that people can see for themselves how both vaping and smoking affects the lungs.

Using a glass jar and some cotton wool they replicated the process of drawing smoke or taking a drag from a vape pen and the evidence really did speak for itself. The cigarette some turned the cotton wool a pretty disgusting shade of sticky brown quite quickly. This is the effect it has on your lungs as they become clogged with tar and to be fair seeing it in the video is quite grim. On the other hand, the simulation of vaping showed that there is no deposit coming off the vaping smoke, after all, it is basically water-based vapour. The cotton wool stayed crisp and white, and nothing could be seen contaminating it in any way.

Breathe Easy

Naturally, these deposits continue to build over time if you are smoking cigarettes and this has a negative impact on your breathing and lung health. It stands to reason that the lungs have to work harder to function around this sticky substance and this is why many smokers have a nasty cough, are prone to chest infections and in a lot of cases develop cancers that ultimately lead to an early grave. Vaping does not stay in the lungs so cannot cause any long term problem, which means you will find that even after just a few weeks you will feel better and breathe more easily when you make the change from smoking to vaping.

Other Benefits

You will also find that there are other benefits to your body, including no more yellowing of the teeth and fingers, again there is no colour to vaping fog, so you are not going to have any residue or lasting effects. Smoking also has a lingering smell that is not pleasant especially when you are around non-smokers. Vaping tends to have a more pleasant aroma that does not last and hang around which means you will no longer have this disgusting tobacco odour following you around and becoming engrained in your clothing. Vaping is cleaner and smells a lot better.


Save Money When You Vape

If you smoke, you will probably be aware that it is an expensive habit, albeit an addictive one. Vaping is a great way to stop smoking, and it can actually save you money too! It is fair to say that the cost of smoking tends to keep rising, and if you were a teenager in the ’90s in the local pubs you would probably remember being able to snaffle a pack of cigs from the machine in the corner for a few quids. Nowadays you are looking at £10 a pack, if not more.

The Cost of Smoking

Now, obviously you can get deals on things like rolling tobacco, and there are ways to nab duty-free and other cheaper options on your cigarettes, and you might feel that if it is a habit you enjoy why should it matter. Have you considered your annual spend on tobacco? If we consider that some smokers do actually have a pack a day habit, and using our original estimate of £10 a box you are looking at £3650 a year on your smokes. Just think what you could do with that money! Perhaps a couple late booking holidays in the sun, a new car, the possibilities are endless! That is just the cost of the cigarettes themselves you also have to factor in things like washing your clothes more to get the smell out and keeping your car smelling nice if you smoke on the way to work. Smokers can easily spend around £4000 a year on smoking and related items.

The Cost of Vaping

Many people assume that vaping is more expensive because there is more kit involved. It is entirely fair to say that you need more stuff, you need the ecig and tank – some are all in one, others come as separates, however, you can pick these up for a reasonable cost. We never recommend the really cheap items as these tend to be made with no regard for safety standards, but even so, a setup from a reputable manufacturer of which there are loads to choose from can be purchased for between £20-£50.

So you have £3950 in your pocket still, let’s move on. Now you want to get your e-liquid. This comes in loads of flavours, some with nicotine to help combat addiction and some without. A bottle of eliquid will cost less than a fiver and will last most users a couple of weeks. On that basis, you are looking at £150 for your yearly hit, and even if we add a few more flavours to the mix, we reckon you can easily keep yourself in e-juice for £200 a year. Pocket check you now have £3750 left. Coils and spare batteries are the other expenses of running a vape, and these come in at no more than £70 a year for both. Leaving you in profit by a delightful £3680, at which point we are delighted to be able to prove vaping will indeed save you money. Have a look at this calculator for more info!