Save Money When You Vape


Save Money When You Vape

If you smoke, you will probably be aware that it is an expensive habit, albeit an addictive one. Vaping is a great way to stop smoking, and it can actually save you money too! It is fair to say that the cost of smoking tends to keep rising, and if you were a teenager in the ’90s in the local pubs you would probably remember being able to snaffle a pack of cigs from the machine in the corner for a few quids. Nowadays you are looking at £10 a pack, if not more.

The Cost of Smoking

Now, obviously you can get deals on things like rolling tobacco, and there are ways to nab duty-free and other cheaper options on your cigarettes, and you might feel that if it is a habit you enjoy why should it matter. Have you considered your annual spend on tobacco? If we consider that some smokers do actually have a pack a day habit, and using our original estimate of £10 a box you are looking at £3650 a year on your smokes. Just think what you could do with that money! Perhaps a couple late booking holidays in the sun, a new car, the possibilities are endless! That is just the cost of the cigarettes themselves you also have to factor in things like washing your clothes more to get the smell out and keeping your car smelling nice if you smoke on the way to work. Smokers can easily spend around £4000 a year on smoking and related items.

The Cost of Vaping

Many people assume that vaping is more expensive because there is more kit involved. It is entirely fair to say that you need more stuff, you need the ecig and tank – some are all in one, others come as separates, however, you can pick these up for a reasonable cost. We never recommend the really cheap items as these tend to be made with no regard for safety standards, but even so, a setup from a reputable manufacturer of which there are loads to choose from can be purchased for between £20-£50.

So you have £3950 in your pocket still, let’s move on. Now you want to get your e-liquid. This comes in loads of flavours, some with nicotine to help combat addiction and some without. A bottle of eliquid will cost less than a fiver and will last most users a couple of weeks. On that basis, you are looking at £150 for your yearly hit, and even if we add a few more flavours to the mix, we reckon you can easily keep yourself in e-juice for £200 a year. Pocket check you now have £3750 left. Coils and spare batteries are the other expenses of running a vape, and these come in at no more than £70 a year for both. Leaving you in profit by a delightful £3680, at which point we are delighted to be able to prove vaping will indeed save you money. Have a look at this calculator for more info!

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