The Benefits of Vaping Not Smoking


The Benefits of Vaping Not Smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break; no one is disputing that as there is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the fact that the Nicotine is addictive, so quitting can be tough. However, if you are a smoker, you will also be very aware of the dangers to your health and possibly feeling a bit trapped. Thankfully switching to vaping can help as you can get e-liquids that have a nicotine content, in varying strengths and wean yourself down and off. Vaping is also a healthier a habit so let’s take a look.

Healthier Lungs

While the debate over the health of vaping v smoking has raged on for some time now, it seems to be that scientific data has finally been released that confirms you are better off vaping. Public Health England turned one of the experiments they developed into a video so that people can see for themselves how both vaping and smoking affects the lungs.

Using a glass jar and some cotton wool they replicated the process of drawing smoke or taking a drag from a vape pen and the evidence really did speak for itself. The cigarette some turned the cotton wool a pretty disgusting shade of sticky brown quite quickly. This is the effect it has on your lungs as they become clogged with tar and to be fair seeing it in the video is quite grim. On the other hand, the simulation of vaping showed that there is no deposit coming off the vaping smoke, after all, it is basically water-based vapour. The cotton wool stayed crisp and white, and nothing could be seen contaminating it in any way.

Breathe Easy

Naturally, these deposits continue to build over time if you are smoking cigarettes and this has a negative impact on your breathing and lung health. It stands to reason that the lungs have to work harder to function around this sticky substance and this is why many smokers have a nasty cough, are prone to chest infections and in a lot of cases develop cancers that ultimately lead to an early grave. Vaping does not stay in the lungs so cannot cause any long term problem, which means you will find that even after just a few weeks you will feel better and breathe more easily when you make the change from smoking to vaping.

Other Benefits

You will also find that there are other benefits to your body, including no more yellowing of the teeth and fingers, again there is no colour to vaping fog, so you are not going to have any residue or lasting effects. Smoking also has a lingering smell that is not pleasant especially when you are around non-smokers. Vaping tends to have a more pleasant aroma that does not last and hang around which means you will no longer have this disgusting tobacco odour following you around and becoming engrained in your clothing. Vaping is cleaner and smells a lot better.

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