Vaping Etiquette


Vaping Etiquette

So, over the last few months, we have been hearing that the NHS and Public Health England are endorsing vaping over smoking. Vaping has been proven to be healthier and safer for your body, which is great news in our book as we love vaping. However, this had lead to some questions on vaping in public and the etiquette and consideration to other people. So, how should this be handled and what are the rules?

Vaping Generally

While it is fair to say that the clouds produced by vape pens are safer for people than smoking it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to inhale your vape cloud. While this might be irritating, remember that for some people this could be a case of their own health as certain lung conditions can be exacerbated by any form of irritant and the might be genuinely offended if you billow your clouds in their direction. As with cigarette smoking, there is no law on vaping in open spaces. You are welcome to walk through town with your vape or sit on a bench in the park, but you should still be mindful of your fellow lifeforms.

Vaping in the House

Again, as with smoking, this one is up to you. Personally, we feel that it is nicer for other family members and pets to sit in a room that is not filling with vapour but, in your own home, the choice is yours. We still would consider keeping away from very young children as you could cause an irritant to little lungs.

Vaping in the Car

So, vaping in a car is perfectly legal, but doing anything that takes your attention away from the road when you are the driver is considered dangerous driving and can land you with a hefty £2500 fine. This applies to mobile phones, eating, drinking (NOT alcohol for very obvious reasons as that is illegal), and many other activities that mean the road is not getting your full attention. Basically, it is up to you, but if you get pulled over, you won’t have a leg to stand on so think twice.

Vaping at Work

Most workplaces have adopted a similar policy towards vaping as they have to smoking. With all employees entitled to fair treatment usually vaping in the office or workspace is not allowed, but an area may well be set aside. Because the health risks are less many employers have made this an inside room, so no worries about cold and wet vaping breaks, but legally they can do whatever they feel best. If they ban vaping on the premises that is their right and you cannot challenge that, so if you have a boss that lets you take vape breaks or even vape at your desk, you are probably very fortunate.

Overall vaping should be something you do with consideration for those around you, if you are unsure about vaping where you are, ask someone in the know, or just hang on until you are out!

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