Vaping Flavours


Vaping Flavours

You are probably aware that e-liquids come in all kinds of flavours, some with nicotine content, some without. Experimenting with flavours can be fun as you get to see what you like and what you don’t like. So here are some of our favourites and when we tend to use them in our busy day.

Wake-up Call

First thing in the morning, it can be tricky to get going. You have just woken up, and the thought of getting ready for work does not seem to inspire you. Once you have headed to the kitchen for that all important first drink, you will probably pick up your vape. At this time of the morning we find those still quitting smoking will reach for a nicotine-based vape if you don’t need that hit then what about a cheeky coffee e-liquid to get you motivated for the day ahead.

Morning Break

By now you are probably feeling a little less like a zombie and more like a human being. However, you may have arrived at your desk and seen your in-tray. Popping outside for a vape break to compose yourself, why not try a menthol-based vape to kick your brain into gear and leave you feeling more awake. Bring on the determination and back to your desk you head.


Well done, you have survived the morning! Kudos and happy lunchtime, at this point you will probably want to grab your lunch first, whether you have bought something healthy from home or are popping out to grab a sandwich. Once you have eaten what about something fruity for dessert? There is an excellent range of fruity vapes to choose from, some really zesty flavours to those that are slightly more mellow. Whatever you want this could be a great way to avoid that sticky bun and help the diet stay on track.

Afternoon Break

Are you really flagging? We have all been there, the 3 pm slump when all you want to do is go home, and the hands of the clock seem to be at an all time slow. This could be the perfect opportunity for a chocolate break to lift the spirits and make the heart sing once more. You only have a few hours to go; you can do this!

Back Home

Before dinner, while you are cooking or perhaps as you slump with a cuppa for half an hour before the dinner chaos ensues. At this point those doing awesomely at quitting smoking might want to grab a nicotine hit once more to tide them over, otherwise how about the smooth hit of vanilla to keep you going and not spoil your appetite?

Evening Chill

Finally, the night is yours, all jobs cleared, kids in bed, tele remote in hand. This is the perfect time for your favourite flavour whatever that might be. Some people love the CBD hit to help with relaxation before bed, others like a spice blend to kick back and chill with. With so many flavours on offer, you will never be short of choice.

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