Vaping Responsible for Cigarette Rate Fall?


Vaping Responsible for Cigarette Rate Fall?

Over the last few decades, we have been made increasingly aware of the dangers of smoking. So much so, that you might be surprised that people do still smoke. The facts are undeniable; cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemical and other nasties that cause some pretty grim health problems and can be life ended. As the years passed, legislation meant that cigarette packets now have to contain health warnings and even graphic images of the damage done by this habit, and yet people do still smoke.

Vaping Comes to Town

About a decade ago the game changed forever when vaping was born. This habit, which is considered similar to smoking, using a water vapour base and does not have the same nasty chemicals that are using in smokes. When it was first new, there was a definite split on whether it was healthier or just as dangerous in a different way. Articles flew like missiles from both sides of the fence, half professing that it was safe the rest proclaiming vaping was a killer. Anyone considering using vaping as a means to stop smoking would have been forgiven for feeling somewhat confused. Thankfully a more concerted effort was made to approach this from a scientific evidence-based standpoint and over the last year the NHS, and other health organisations across the world have concluded and more importantly proved that vaping is a lot safer for health than vaping.

NHS Quitting Schemes

The NHS has offered support to those looking to quit for many years now, and until recently this used to come in the form of things like nicotine replacement patches and chewing gum. Now, the NHS has stood publicly to say that vaping is the best way for people to stop smoking. When you vape, you get the same ‘habit with the hands’ effect and are still drawing into the lungs and breathing out. More importantly for those addicted to nicotine you can get eliquid with nicotine in so that you are still getting that hit. The strength can be reduced until you are no longer needing this product and can then switch to other flavours.

Cigarette Sales Fall

So, the cigarette industry seems to be failing. This is a combination of factors, and of course the above has played a huge part, as has the spiralling cost of a packet of cigarettes. The prices are likely to keep rising as fewer people want to purchase them and cigarette companies start to feel the pinch. However from a health point of view, this can only be a good thing, and if less people smoke there will be less smoking-related diseases for the NHS to have to treat. Vaping has been proven to be safe and not to cause long term health conditions so for people addicted to smoking desperate to quit; this is the perfect alternative. With shops forced to shut cigarettes behind locked doors and vaping shops on the increases, it is easy to see the death of cigarettes arriving in the next few years.

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