High Success Rate for Smokers Who Use Vaping to Quit


High Success Rate for Smokers Who Use Vaping to Quit

Recently there has been a lot of clamours after the NHS publicly backed vaping as a means of quitting smoking. This comes on the back of years of debate over which was healthier and whether vaping had its own major health concerns. Using their own research and, we assuming taking into consideration the research by other groups, the NHS has concluded that vaping is the safer alternative, which we have discussing in some of our other blogs. To support this further evidence is now emerging that suggests smokers who use vaping as a way to quit have a higher success rate of never picking up a cigarette again as opposed to those who use other methods. So just why is this?

A Habit is Hard to Break

The habit of smoking tends to cause addiction on two levels, firstly the nicotine is an addictive substance making it hard for people to quit, but secondly, it becomes a habit of the hands. What do you do when you are relaxing with friends, you have a smoke. It is possible that vaping has such a high win rate because it still fulfils that need to have something to do with your hands. Vaping is a similar action of inhaling and exhaling as well as having to hold something, and this is considered to be one of the reasons it works so well. If you have been a social smoker then vaping will undoubtedly seem like a similar alternative.

Nicotine Replacement

When you compare vaping to some of the other methods on offer you can also see why it would be more likely to succeed. It is a fact that nicotine is a highly addictive drug and going cold turkey rarely works. In the past, the NHS has promoted nicotine replacement patches and chewing gum. Both these products are designed to satisfy cravings which in turn reduce the instances of reaching for a cigarette. With nicotine available in e-liquids you can essentially have the same effect and maintain the ‘habit’ making the transition a little easier. Nicotine-based eliquids come in varying strengths meaning that you can keep reducing the amount you are taking in as you start to recover from the addiction. But more than that, e-liquids also come in a range of other flavours that have no nicotine in, and these are another reason why people like vaping, as they are genuinely pleasant to vape. It could also be that these sweeter flavours make smokers realise how disgusting the cigarettes taste in the first place.

Because vaping is a proactive way to quit smoking it gives smokers the chance to take charge and feel like they are leading the quitting process. Whatever the reasons behind the success rate it certainly seems to work, so if you have been trying to give up smoking and are looking for a new way to break the habit you might want to consider vaping as an alternative.

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