Is it Safe to Vape When Pregnant?


Is it Safe to Vape When Pregnant?

This is a very common question that we get asked a lot, and the simple answer is the jury is out on that one. While we know that vaping is considerably safer than smoking, growing a whole new human being is a bit of a different ball game.

Conflicting Reports

If you look for a professional opinion on vaping when pregnant, you will discover that there is a lot of conflicting advice. We know that smoking cigarette can lead to development issues in the womb but when it comes to vaping the issues are a little less clear. There have been various studies conducted around this issue, and no one seems 100% sure on what the facts are. One study claims that while the foetus is unaffected in terms of their general health, the sperm count and development of sperm in baby boys is negatively affected which would, of course, have an impact when the child becomes an adult.

Play it Safe

The best advice could well be to play it safe while carrying a child. Generally, pregnant women tend to try and be healthier in order to help the foetus develop; this means they often go for a healthier diet, eat more fruit and vegetables and are encourage to avoid things like alcohol and coffee. Medical opinion also suggests that raw meat, some fish, soft cheeses and other foods are best left untouched for nine months, so it possibly makes sense to leave vaping during this time. It is a short period, and it won’t be long before you can get back to vaping.

Don’t Panic

If you have been vaping because you were not aware that you were pregnant, then it still stands to reason that there is no cause for panic. We know that the long term health effects of vaping are significantly lower than those attributed to smoking cigarettes and of course you will hear stories of parents who did smoking throughout the pregnancy and the healthy children then produced. It just seems that the most sensible approach to growing a new life is to pull back on any activity that might potentially have any effect on the child. Accidentally vaping is certainly not the end of the world so don’t be overly concerned just stop for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Vape Clouds

We have always advocated that vape clouds aren’t for everyone, so once your baby has arrived going back to vaping is fine but consider ensuring these new and delicate lungs are not subjected to clouds as it could irritate the airways in such a young child. Most parents do tend to vape in a different room to their children, and with environmental factors already surrounding children like pollution from cars etc. it makes sense to keep the home environment as free from potential irritants as possible. It also goes without saying that e-liquid should be kept up high away from children as drinking such products can be extremely dangerous to adults and children.

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