Vapes on a Plane


Vapes on a Plane

If you vape, you are probably planning on taking your vape away with you when you go on holiday or travel for business. Now, this is fine in principle, but if you want to avoid some pretty hefty fines, some travel chaos and in some countries jail, then you really do need to be aware of the rules on travelling with your vape, and what happens when you fly.

How to Take Your Vape

If you are going to take your vape pen or e-cig on holiday, then you need to pack it in your hand luggage. Do not be tempted to put it in your main luggage as vaping devices cannot go in the hold and unless you fancy an international scandal something not worth doing. Secondly be careful with your vape liquids. These cannot go in your luggage either and must be carried in clear bags as hand luggage in no more than 100ml. Keep all your vaping stuff together in one location in your carry on. It is possibly easier to plan to buy vape liquid at your destination, provided you are going to a country that sells it and where it is legal.

Beware of your Destination

Speaking of destinations, you cannot take your vape to Qatar, they have outlawed the import of devices, and flight attendants have been in serious trouble for bringing theirs into the country. It doesn’t matter that it is yours and you were not planning to sell it. Singapore has banned vaping, so while you can take it through on a layover, you cannot use it while you are in the country. Thailand has outlawed everything to do with vaping so frankly don’t even bother. Jail is a very real possibility and not knowing the rules is not considered a suitable defence.

Vaping in the Airport

Also not allowed. All UK airports have banned vaping unless you go to the designated smoking areas along with the smokers. It doesn’t matter if you think that vape clouds are harmless the only place you will be going if you vape in an airport is home. This tends to be the same all across the world so it is better to just not vape until you can be sure you are in a safe zone. Might sound a little harsh but some countries are dead set on no vaping and you do not want that kind of trouble.

Vaping on the Plane

It doesn’t matter how much you want to vape on the plane; you cannot. Do not try and sneak off to the bathroom as you really could get the whole flight turned around and grounded. It stands to reason that all passengers vaping in a pressured cabin might well get a bit much, so it is illegal. You also cannot charge your vape while you are on the plane and again flaunting the rules could well get you thrown off or banned from flying. Stick to the rules and enjoy your travel.

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