Will the Tobacco Industry Survive?


Will the Tobacco Industry Survive?

There is no doubt that vaping continues to gain in popularity and is certainly proving popular among the younger generation. This has taken something of a toll on the tobacco industry, but despite various knocks over the years the industry seems to be going from strength to strength. It this a public front or are we missing something?

A Habit That Kills

It has always seemed strange that so many people would want to take part in a habit known to be so damaging to health. Nicotine is a drug, so it has an addictive nature meaning that once people start smoking, they find it hard to stop. However, will there come the point where the younger generation turn their back on the habit completely?

Glamourised by Celebrities

When smoking first became popular, actors were paid a lot of money to become the public faces of various tobacco makers. Initially, it was seen as a really glamorous habit, and by ensuring that celebs were seen to be smoking, companies could ensure that Joe Public wanted in. Over the years the devastating effects of smoking became evident and scrolling forwards to the present time we see gruesome pictures on cigarette boxes, printed warnings and shops forced to keep the tobacco products behind closed doors, surely this must have an impact.

Vaping Becomes a Viable Alternative

It is going to be interesting to see how the tobacco industry stands up to the threat from vaping. Initially, this was also viewed with suspicion by a lot of people, and for many years the debate raged on about how safe vaping was for the health. However, now Public Health England and the NHS have teamed up to support vaping as a much less dangerous alternative it is looking rocky for the tobacco industry. Over the years they have been known for some underhanded methods of dealing with the competition, but it does seem that the tide has turned and more people are now aware of the dangers and not sold on the propaganda they supply. As the older generation leaves this world, it will be interesting to see how the playing field changes even more. Vaping is seen as a popular social activity by older teens, and there have been cases of younger teens vaping when they shouldn’t. If these numbers continue to grow it would seem difficult for the tobacco industry to thrive.


It is hard to predict the future events, but it seems likely that the tobacco industry has a fight on its hands to stay afloat. Perhaps they will be able to come up with some diversifications that will give them some longevity or perhaps they will make a move into the vaping industry themselves. It certainly seems that the younger generation is less interested in smoking cigarettes and will be choosing vaping as a healthier alternative. So perhaps the best advice for the smoking industry is just that if you can’t bet them, join them!

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