The beauty of the vaporiser is that is fully customisable to allow you to create a vaping machine that will provide the necessary power and heat required to give you an incredible vaping experience, without having to have a degree in engineering.

Whilst most vapers on the market are perfectly suitable for vapers of all kinds of eliquid, there are always folk who want to improve them and tweak them to make them perform better.

It could be something as simple as improving the battery quality to get a better shelf-life and performance from your machine between charges; or it could be adding different heating elements to help produce more vape at a lower energy consumption and using less eliquid. It could even be something as simple as replacing the tank for a larger size to ensure that you can get more eliquid into the vape.

And say nothing of the aesthetic mods that can be added to your vape to make it a truly personal device – these are now commonplace amongst the vaping community with many vape shops offering different styles and designs to appeal to any and every vaper.

With the popularity of vaping increasing, there has been an increase in the market for mods, with new communities, forums and sites appearing that are dedicated to getting the best from your machine whether it’s a minor tweak or a major upgrade.

As with any upgrade to a device, care should be taken when adding or removing pieces and parts from your machine as doing so may either invalidate any warranty you have from the manufacturer or make the device unsafe – if you want to mod your vape then we would recommend speaking to an expert beforehand to get the best advice on legitimate products and methods of modding to keep you vaping safely.