Ecigarettes function in a similar way to eliquids in terms of the multitude of flavours available and the strengths that they are available in, however there is a key difference in that ecigarettes rely on cartridges to deliver the liquid into the vaporiser.

The eliquid is still delivered in the same way with the battery within the ecigarette heating a coil which turns the eliquid in the cartridge into vapour to then be inhaled, it is just in a more compact delivery system with batteries that are usually smaller with less power than larger vaporisers.

For many ecigarettes these cartridges cannot be replaced or swapped out until they are used up, meaning you need to be sure you like the flavour before you insert the ecigarette cartridge into your device otherwise you risk wasting money.

Whereas many vapes that also use cartridges allow you to swap them out regardless of your use of them, ecigarettes are much more limited however they are also usually much more discreet than some vaporiser machines.

Ecigs are usually mimics of real, combustible cigarettes with the same appearance and size, the small white stick being designed to be as discreet as possible which makes them an ideal option for those who are trying to quit smoking without the showy factor that many vapes offer.

That being said there are plenty of ecigarette designs and styles around for the vaper who doesn’t want all the bells and whistles that many vaporisers provide and just want to enjoy their preferred flavour of eliquid with little fuss.

If you prefer ecigarettes then you won’t suffer from a shortage of choice of flavours, despite the different cartridge system used as opposed to the liquid tank most manufacturers also make their eliquid in cartridge form to cater to those who prefer to use ecigs; meaning you don’t have to compromise on choice if this is what you prefer to use.