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What can you find in an electronic cigarette starter kit?

A standard electronic cigarette starter kit is likely to contain a certain amount of cartridges, USB charger, a wall charger, atomisers, batteries, a bottle of e-liquid, and in car charger and a carry case. Of course, depending on the kind of starter kit that you choose, there will be a variation on these items.

Popular electronic cigarette kits

Popular electronic cigarette starter kits include the 510 TANK e-sig kit, which operates like the larger TANK kits but works on an automatic system and is ideal for heavy smokers, the eGO electronic cigarette kit, ideal for the smoker who is used to smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day. Other popular e-cigarette kits include the ELIPS tank kit, the F1 e-cigarette starter kit, the FOG Electronics starter kit and the lava tube e cigarette kit. This kit is particularly popular because it allows you to alter the voltage from 3.0 to 6.0v in increments of 0.1. For people who would like to have the same amount of voltage in each puff, even when the battery is very low, this is the ideal kit for them.

Popular because of it's price, the cheap electronic cigarette starter kit Micro 93 mm electronic cigarette is an affordable as well as stylish starter kit that offers great value for money. It even includes two complete electronic cigarettes.

How to choose an e-cig kit for you

Choosing an electronic cigarette kit might be difficult because of the amount of choice which you have. However, you should look closely at your actual smoking habit and see how many cigarettes a day you currently smoke. You can then find an electronic cigarette starter kit which matches your requirements. For example, the 510 tank kit is designed for the heavy smoker, somebody who might light up around 30 cigarettes a day. Choosing a kit which matches your current nicotine intake is important, otherwise you could suffer withdrawal symptoms due to lack of nicotine or you could overdose or nicotine and feel unwell.


The reason why somebody might opt to buy a starter kit instead of the separate items is down to value for money. Buying an e-cigarette starter kit allows you to invest in all of the items that you need for vaping but without a hefty price tag. Starter kits like the Micro 93 mm electronic cigarette are great examples of value for money, containing all of the chargers you need including an in car charger, two complete electronic cigarettes and 10 cartridges. For the first time electronic cigarette user, this can be particularly beneficial.